SYKES believes in providing support to the community. Whether it’s through providing job opportunities despite the pandemic or working together to lend a hand to causes that we believe in, SYKES ensures that we give back to those in need.

The Effects of Typhoon Ulysses

At the tail end of 2020, the country faced a multitude of challenges. Amid the rising cases of COVID-19, we were hit by powerful typhoons, one of which directly affected our employees in Manila. Ulysses (International name Vamco) was a deadly, Category 4-equivalent typhoon that struck the Greater Manila area, amongst many other places in Luzon. It caused one of the worst flooding in NCR since Ondoy in 2009 and displaced at least 30,000 people in Metro Manila alone.

Because of its impact, SYKES created a typhoon relief fund, where employees can donate any amount to the victims of the typhoon. In just a few weeks, we were able to raise PHP 22,751.00, all of which were recently donated to Caritas Manila, Inc.

Charitable donation for Caritas Manila, Inc.

Through the efforts of our SYKESers, we were able to turn over donations to Caritas Manila, Inc., one of the largest non-profits in the country. The organization was established in 1953 by Manila Archbishop Rufino Cardinal Santos and continues to drive programs and services for the poor and vulnerable.

SYKES’ donation will be given to their Damayan-Alay Kapwa Project and will help almost 15,000 Filipinos from hunger and malnutrition. This project mainly focuses on addressing the result of the COVID-19 pandemic and other natural and man-made calamities such as the recent Typhoon Ulysses.


In photo: Cecile Moreno-Venancio (SYKES’ Senior Director for Regional Branding and Communications) and Allen Arguelles (Caritas Manila, Inc.’s Stewardship Specialist)

SYKES Cares Program

Over the years, SYKES has continuously extended assistance to various groups and communities through SYKES Cares, the company’s corporate social responsibility program. Through these initiatives, SYKES has provided support for different advocacies, educational programs, disaster relief, and other efforts that could create an impact in the community.

In the past, the SYKES Cares program has provided support for the victims of Yolanda, partnering with Gawad-Kalinga to build homes for those who were severely affected by the typhoon. We have also done several relief efforts in recent years when the country was hit hard by natural calamities, such as the Taal Eruption and Ondoy, among many others.

Globally, SYKES is committed to helping communities, and the company’s vision is to unceasingly provide support for others as the years go by. As SYKES continues to grow, we also continue to strive on helping people, one caring interaction at a time. This is true not only for our clients and employees but also for the communities that have helped shaped what we are today.

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